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Jessa A. Nelson, Owner
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Notes on the Importance of Medical Advocasy for Seniors


When it comes to your health, disclose and ask questions. I could end this article with that little tidbit of advice, but I will explain. Everyone of you reading this article has an interest in ensuring the advice, prescriptions, or services you get from your physician, pharmacist, or other health professionals is working to your benefit. Health professionals make these suggestions, write orders, and provide services based on three things – what you report, what they see, and what tests show. They translate that information into a plan to better or maintain your health. They are trained extensively to take the little pieces of information you offer and put together a rather complex puzzle in an incredibly short amount of time with a barrage of other factors influencing them. Since their goal is to provide you with every advantage they can, your best strategy is to tell them absolutely everything – that persistent pain in your side, the blurriness you noticed in your right eye, the obnoxious nasal drip, or the hitch in your giddy up you noticed in your left knee. Believe it or not, most health professionals love to pull together these little pieces and find gaps in the story frustrating. Oddly enough, some of the most benign little symptoms can be indicative of bigger problems. For example, I mentioned to my physician, the tiniest bit of alcohol puts me to sleep. A couple blood draws later and I find out I have dysfunctional thyroid. Next, ask questions to learn. Asking you doctor the why and how of his or her puzzle masterpiece is not done to annoy them or question their schooling -- it is done to help you better understand your own body and what you need to do to keep it healthy. Most people put more care and concern into their cars than their bodies. Ask questions, learn about yourself, and be honest and complete in you answers. It’s the start to a healthier you.

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